The Walking Dead: Pivotal Season Seven Details Revealed

If you're trying to figure out exactly where this season of The Walking Dead is heading, you aren't alone. The three episode we've seen so far have used various tones to take fans in multiple directions, keeping everyone on their toes going forward.

The first episode saw Negan break Rick by killing Glenn and Abraham, episode two focused on Carol and Morgan meeting Ezekiel, and last week's episode took a dark turn as Dwight and Negan tortured Daryl.

Each of these episodes has been significant, and the fourth episode looks to be the same. The preview shows Negan arriving at Alexandria, to once again confront Rick. It has also been confirmed that the episode is 90 minutes long, so there will be plenty of action to go around.

So, after episode four, what will happen with the rest of the season?

As reported earlier, episode five will continue the trend of the bouncing plot. After the Alexandria episode this Sunday, The Walking Dead will head to Hilltop next week. The episode is titled 'Go-Getters' and focuses on Maggie, Jesus, and Gregory. The synopsis reads:

"Carl and Enid journey to the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Jesus must defend the community against an attack led by the savior Simon."

This tells us that Carl will finally have some more story away from his dad, and fans will get a much deeper look into the character of Jesus.

The episode after five have been a mystery, but some crucial details for the rest of the season have finally been revealed.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 4.18.58 PM
(Photo: AMC)

While episode six doesn't have an episode title, an official description has been released. It features two characters we haven't seen so far this season, and teases yet another new community. Take a look:

"Tara and Heath are running into serious trouble. A mysterious new group is introduced."

If you recall, Tara and Heath were on a supply run when season six ended, and they haven't resurfaced since.

Before the season, it was also teased that Tara would run into the Oceanside community. In the comics, these folks don't have a huge role today, but they go out to see and gather supplies from time to time. If they're being introduced this early in the show, their involvement will probably much more important.

This explains the cryptic scenes at the end of the season seven trailer. Tara and Heath are seen running from, and fighting with, other people. And it looks as if zombies are seen crawling out of sand.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 4.19.52 PM
(Photo: AMC)

In addition to this episode synopsis, the titles for episodes seven and eight have also been revealed.

Episode seven, set to air on December 4, is titled 'Blazing Hell.' This could be a reference to Negan's attack on Alexandria, as the this scene in the comics ends with much of the community being set ablaze. Once Negan begins throwing grenades over the walls, many of the houses catch fire.

The eighth episode of the season will air on December 11, and will act as the mid-season finale. The episode is ominously titled, 'Exodus'. This could mean the folks at Alexandria will be making their way to Hilltop, without Negan knowing, to prepare for the infamous All Out War.

What do you think will happen in these mystery episodes? No matter what may transpire, fans of The Walking Dead are in for an action-packed December.

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