The Walking Dead: Brand New Clip Released Ahead Of Sunday's Episode

The Walking Dead is back this Sunday night with the fifth episode of season seven, 'Go Getters'. Last week spent the episode dealing with Rick, Negan, and the members of Alexandria as they explored the recents shifts in a power struggle.

From the looks of this week's trailer, and the clip that was previously released, it's obvious to see that this episode will mainly feature the characters over at the other community, Hilltop.

Maggie, Sasha, Jesus, and Gregory will all be involved, but it looks like some other members of Alexandria will be heading to Hilltop as well.

In a new clip for this week's episode, shared exclusively on The Walking Dead on AMC's Twitter account, viewers are treated to a video of Enid trying to escape the community.

Enid is seen climbing over the wall out of the town, and Carl is standing there questioning her decisions. She says she needs to go to Hilltop, to check on Maggie. If you recall, Maggie and Glenn had acted as adoptive parents to Enid since they arrived in Alexandria. This follows the comic storyline where the couple adopts Sophia after Carol is killed early on.

Carl is trying to get Enid to stay, and he speaks the powerful words, "I'm not saving you anymore." Enid immediately brings up the events of the season six finale. When Glenn, Maggie, and the others were captured by Negan, Enid had tried to go with them, to help protect Maggie. To keep her safe, Carl locked her in the armory.