The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Shares Photo Of Maggie In Grave Danger

Maggie hasn't appeared to Walking Dead audiences since the premiere of season seven, and everyone has been wondering how the character has been coping with the loss of her husband Glenn.

At the finale of the season premiere, Maggie and Sasha travelled to the Hilltop colony. An actual doctor resides within their walls and, with Maggie's pregnancy scares, she needs to be attended to.

Sunday's episode, titled 'Go Getters', will focus on the stories taking place in Hilltop. This means fans will finally see what's going on with Maggie, and how she's dealing with her recent tragedies.

On Friday morning, Laruen Cohan posted a picture on Instagram that should have fans worried about her character once again.

The caption on the photo says 'morning.' and includes a picture from the set of The Walking Dead. In the picture, Maggie is hanging onto a guard tower for dear life, as walkers try and grab her from below.


A photo posted by Lauren Cohan (@laurencohan) on

The Walking Dead is looking to wrap up production on its seventh season this week, so it seems like this photo is from one of the season's final episodes. As far as anyone knows, Maggie will still be pregnant at that point. The only chance of the baby coming before the season finale is if there is a major time-jump, similar to the one after season two.

This photo also makes it seem like Maggie makes a return to Alexandria at some point this season. Hilltop has walls as well, but the wall behind Maggie looks exactly like the ones in Alexandria. If that's the case, zombies have infiltrated the community once again.

Some have speculated that this is a an older photo, which may be the case. Maggie does have long hair in the picture, which she doesn't have in season seven. This also reflects a popular scene from season six in Alexandria.

If there is a time jump, like we mentioned with the baby, her hair could have time to grow out again. It's also worth investiaging why Cohan chose to share this picture now. If it is old, why wait until season seven to share the photo? Is Lauren Cohan trying to send fans a message?

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