So, Morales Isn't 'The Walking Dead' Crossover Character?

TWD Morales Crossover

The Walking Dead has fans shocked upon seeing how Morales' return was handled in Sunday's Monsters episodes, likely ruling him out as the character to be featured in the Fear the Walking Dead crossover event.

Morales, played by Juan Pareja, made a shocking return in the The Damned episode only to be suddenly killed when Daryl Dixon walked into the room. It was a surprisingly brief return for the character fans had spent years wondering how his journey to Birmingham, Alabama went. As it turns out, the journey didn't go well, and Morales lost his family, became a Savior when they took him in, and ultimately got an arrow to his face.

Morales' story was all but told in his scenes with Rick prior to being killed: his family didn't make it to Birmingham and he was dying in a tow truck when the Saviors found him. How much more do we need now?

With Morales having been killed so quickly on The Walking Dead, there is little excitement remaining about the character. His appearance on Fear the Walking Dead would come with a certain ending fans would have little reason to look forward to, thus making Abraham Ford the frontrunner for the event.

"I would be very excited to find out myself," Pareja told ahead of Morales' death. "I really can't say anything at this moment. And I don't think a lot of people are too in the know. They're keeping this one pretty close to the chest, as well. We will see. I think it's definitely a real possibility. I think the fans have been wanting to see and find out what's been going on with Morales. They'll get some of that [on The Walking Dead] and maybe it will open the possibility in the world to explore a little more on Fear of the Walking Dead, pre-Walking Dead crossover action."

Abraham, however, appears to be the character with the larger fanbase and is more likely to boost the Fear the Walking Dead ratings. When asked if Abraham would be the crossover character at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz simply said, "That'd be awesome."

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple promises the crossover character will be revealed "sooner than later," but it feels safe to take Morales' name off the table.

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