The Perfect Way For 'The Walking Dead' To Replace Carl

The Walking Dead may have just found the best way to replace Carl in its most recent comic book issue.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead issue #175 follow!

In issue #175, the first of a six-part New World Order story line, Robert Kirkman shocked fans by teasing the first appearance of Michonne's daughter Elodie. The character had previously appeared in the Telltale Games series and has never been mentioned on the AMC show but might offer the best available option to replace the live-action Carl Grimes.

Carl is still very much alive in The Walking Dead comic books, so should this ring true, it will only apply to the TV series where he is marked for certain death when Episode 8x09 rolls around.

Many considered Carl Grimes the future of The Walking Dead. The character has proven pivotal for Rick's story in the comics and several times throughout the TV adaptation. With Chandler Riggs exiting the series, though, many are wondering what will motivate Rick to continue. Despite TV-Michonne being all but swapped into comic-Andrea's role for the adaptation's story, the appearance of Michonne's kid could fill the void left by Carl Grimes.

Judith is too young to be a centerpiece for stories beyond the All Out War arc and is not bilogically related to Rick nor Michonne. Maggie's baby well be younger and also unrelated to the King and Queen of Alexandria. Michonne's kid, however, will likely be between the ages of 9 and 13, prior to the expected Season 9 premiere time jump.

Elodie could be the future of the narrative (along with the other surviving young ones, of course) in place of Carl.

If The Walking Dead TV series skips the Whisperer War story (which may be in its best interest -- something's Cameron Bonomolo already addressed), the arrival at issue #175's commonwealth community could revamp the TV series and introduce a new child who could eventually take the reigns.

No, Michonne's daughter has never been mentioned in The Walking Dead TV series. The live-action version of the character has only ever mentioned a son by the name of Andre, claiming he was devoured by walkers at a camp site. Viewers never actually saw the death, though.

Elodie, who has only popped up in a video game, was also presumed dead only for the stage to be set for the possible return in the coming issues. Andre might have had the same fate and could be set to return to Michonne's story in the AMC series upon arrival at the commonwealth community! After all, the TV edition of The Walking Dead may have already teased the commonwealth's earlier-than-expected arrival in the form of a helicopter earlier in Season Eight.

Then again, the TV series could continue to deviate from the comics so strongly that such a moment may never be realized for any character and Carl's exit might only be the beginning.

The New World Order story arc is set to play out across six issues of The Walking Dead with the next installment, issue #176, set to release in February. The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018 on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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