'The Walking Dead's Katelyn Nacon On Enid's Reaction To Carl's Death

The Walking Dead star Katelyn Nacon says Carl's death "won't be easy" for Enid.

"We'll have to see, I think it's definitely not going to be easy for her," Nacon told Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. "I don't think she's going to be doing back flips and have a parade. I think it'll definitely change her a lot and we might see a different person come out."

Carl was famously killed off in the mid-season premiere, "Honor," when the teen shot himself before he could succumb to a fever brought on by an incurable walker bite.

Former outsider Enid and Carl formed a close bond as the two remaining teens in the Alexandria community, sharing a kiss in 7x05.

Carl's death serves as a major deviation from creator Robert Kirkman's ongoing comic book series, where Rick Grimes' only son plays a pivotal role. Enid, a creation original to the television series, could be one of the characters expected to take over some of Carl's now up-for-grabs comic book story arcs.

Despite the loss of one of the comic book's major characters, The Walking Dead executive producer Scott Gimple told EW the filmmakers are "committed to keep telling the story from the comic book."

"Yes, it's going to be different," Gimple said. "And yes, Negan's relationship to Carl was a big part of the story moving forward, especially in the world changes we see early on. But, as usual, we do plan on telling those comic stories."

"It just will have to be with different people and it's a different way to tell those same stories," Gimple explained, adding the crew hopes "to still fulfill what those stories do."

Most recently, in "The Lost and the Plunderers," Enid and Aaron trekked to the isolationist Oceanside to recruit the all-female community to join the uprising against Negan and the Saviors. The teen was forced to shoot and kill Oceanside leader Natania, who had an off-guard Aaron at her mercy.

Sunday's episode, "Dead or Alive Or," sees Enid learn of Carl's untimely death. As seen in the episode preview, Enid reunites with the escaped Alexandrians at the Hilltop — only to become distraught when Carl isn't among their ranks.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.



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