'The Walking Dead' Producer Weighs in on If Rick Grimes Will Be Killed Off

While The Walking Dead fans are still trying to process the series' most recent death, some are anxiously wondering which character will get killed off next. But according to the series' showrunner, one major death couldn't be out of the question.

Greg Nicotero recently spoke to the Sunday Express, who asked about the ever-prominent rumor about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) being killed off of the show. While Nicotero didn't say outright that Rick would die, he pointed out that the series is always in flux.

“Listen, you know, the show like we said, the show changes and the show evolves." Nicotero explained. “The DNA of it is that story of survival and the story of the achievements and hardships people endure... I have no idea. I wish I did.”

It's safe to say that Rick being killed off would be a major diversion from the The Walking Dead comic book, despite constant chatter around it possibly happening in that medium as well.

“I always think that if and when the TV show deviates from the comic books, it’s always to better the story, not always to change the story.” Nicotero explained. "If we just did a panel for panel of the comic book it wouldn’t be very exciting because then everyone could say we’re up to this bit. So part of it is deviating from the graphic novel to serve our story and yeah, I think it’s safe to say that we embrace those detours and ultimately there are key moments that we want to pay tribute to and a lot of times they get reworked to fit our format."

The possibility of The Walking Dead killing off Rick on screen has been floated around for years now, with Lincoln even expressing an openness for it late last year. And while the possibility of it happening might seem a little disheartening - especially after Carl's (Chandler Riggs) dying wish to Rick was for him to survive and make a better world - there's something about it that doesn't seem impossible.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently hinted at as much, but that fans probably shouldn't be worried in the immediate future.

"I don't expect that," Kirkman recently explained. "That's not an intention, there. I've said from the very beginning that no one is safe. I do strongly feel like the show could survive without a Rick Grimes. There's certainly a lot of story to tell without that central character. I've talked a lot about how Rick Grimes will definitely die in the comic book series at some point before the series' conclusion, just because I want to make sure everyone knows that no one is safe. But I don't think you should read too much into that [scene]."

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