'The Walking Dead' Fans Predicted Sunday's Big Death

The Walking Dead fans called a key character's death in Sunday's new episode, well before it ever happened.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x11 follow!

With Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson making their escape from Negan's Sanctuary after Episode 8x08, fans of The Walking Dead initially expected them to make their way to the Hilltop if the series were to follow the comic book source material. However, when Siddiq revealed himself to be a doctor in Episode 8x09, fans knew the writing was on the wall for Carson. He would never make it to Maggie and help with her pregnancy. Siddiq would.

As it turns out, the fans and speculation were entirely correct. Doctor Carson would see some significant screen time in Episode 8x11, only to take a bullet to the chest and be left for dead in the bed of a pick-up truck after the Saviors caught up with him and Gabriel.

"Since the dude Carl saved is a doctor, does that mean Carson will die?" one fan wrote on Twitter as the episode began on Sunday night. Yes, Sparkelz, that's exactly what it meant!

Just ask Twitter user Beth Hannel, she knew all along. "I'm betting this doctor is done in by the end of the episode!" she wrote. "Only got room for one doctor and they have Siddiq now."

In the exquisite words of Da Lonely Blerd, "Guess conentional wisdom says you can have two doctors and ones got to die!" With Siddiq safely at the Hilltop and primed to help Maggie with anything she might need, yes, ones does got to die.

"Why do doctors always die in this show?" fan account The Walking Dead World asks. It's a fair question, too. Surely, Hershel Greene and Denise Cloyd would like to get an answer to it.

The ole red shirt is being applied by Twitter user Stephen Stephan, implying Doctor Carson and those doctors before him only ever graced the show with their presences to be killed off.


Now, it's on Siddiq to do the surviving and aiding. "Siddiq better pray another doctor doesn't show up," Hanniburitoooooooo writes on Twitter. How many doctors can possibly still be alive in the zombie apocalypse?

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