Rick Meets Governor Milton In New 'The Walking Dead' Issue

The preview of The Walking Dead issue #180 has been released, teasing the first meeting of Rick Grimes and Pamela Milton.

The cover, first released by The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, sees the Commonwealth soldiers arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Surely, they will judge the community which has managed to survive on its own for so many years. "Rick Grimes comes face to face with the Governor of the Commonwealth," the issue's synopsis reads.

Check out the cover for issue #180 below!

The Walking Dead first introduced Governor Milton in issue #176. She is the leader of the Commonwealth community and has managed to steer clear of any apocalyptic terrors by remaining inside of her own walls. Whether or not she can be trusted by the family of survivors lead by Rick Grimes is still unknown, though Pamela may have problems on her hands within her own community which need sorting first.

In Episode 8x12 of The Walking Dead, the AMC live-action adaptation of Robert Kirkman's source material introduced a woman who claimed to be "Georgie." Georgie bore a striking resemblance of Pamela Milton and also came from a place which might just end up being the Commonwealth somewhere down the road in The Walking Dead TV series.


"I can't imagine that there isn't [a tie between Georgie and Pamela Milton], but I was not told that," Georgie actress Jayne Atkinson told ComicBook.com. "And my son actually showed me that picture of her, and I thought, first of all, it looks like me. And the two flanking guards could be Hilda and Mitch. So perhaps she's being modeled after this character. And I think because of the kind of work that I do in the industry, I can't help but think they're thinking, 'Leader.' I think they're thinking someone who is used to leading people. They must. So there might be a parallel, but I was not told that."

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