Watch 'The Walking Dead' Fans React To Episode 8x12

The Walking Dead fans were thrown for a loop on Sunday night as Episode 8x12 brought not only a fight between Rick and Negan but also a mysterious new character. The video above captures their reactions!

Episode 8x12 was titled, "The Key." In the episode, Rick aggressively hunted Negan. The moves lead to a car chase and fight with Lucille being lit on fire to light the way. Of course, neither character would die, which angered fans hoping to see Negan go down.

The more shocking moment of the episode came when Georgie showed her face for the first time, though. Fans were introduced to the character who made an unexpected appearance on the AMC show, hailing from a well-off community someone outside of the groups already introduced. The video above shows fans are skeptical of whether or not they can trust the new character played by Jayne Atkninson.

As it turns out, Atkinson does not know for sure whether or not her character is the TV-version of the Commonwealth's Governor Pamela Milton from The Walking Dead comics, but she does believe the reflective attributes are intentional.

"I can't imagine that there isn't [a tie to Pamela Milton], but I was not told that," Atkinson told "And my son actually showed me that picture of her, and I thought, first of all, it looks like me. And the two flanking guards could be Hilda and Mitch. So perhaps she's being modeled after this character. And I think because of the kind of work that I do in the industry, I can't help but think they're thinking, 'Leader.' I think they're thinking someone who is used to leading people. They must. So there might be a parallel, but I was not told that."


The Commonwealth community is thriving, 50,000 survivors strong, in The Walking Dead comics. Located in Ohio, the community didn't come into play until years after the All Out War story pitting Rick against Negan had concluded. Still, showrunner Scott Gimple may be setting the stage for a larger story as he dishes the reigns over to Angela Kang for Season Nine and beyond.

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