Melissa McBride's 'Fear The Walking Dead' Appearance Has A Season 9 Spoiler

When Melissa McBride briefly appeared in Fear the Walking Dead's Season Four premiere, fans may have been so caught up in joy to see more of the character as the wait for The Walking Dead Season Nine begins that an important detail was overlooked.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Season Four premiere follow!

(Photo: AMC)

One by one, a trio of characters came by the trash heap to plead with Morgan Jones in an effort to get him to once again be a member of their communities. Carol, however, represented an interesting community as she spoke to her good friend.

"Come back to the Kingdom," Carol requests. "You helped me. You did. Let me help you. I don't want to tell you what to do but you know who I am and I know who you are. You belong with people who care about you."

Fear the Walking Dead is taking place beyond the events of The Walking Dead's eighth season. This means Carol is comfortably calling the Kingdom community home, residing there with King Ezekiel, rather than staying with the remaining characters who her post-apocalyptic journey began with like Rick, Maggie, or Carol.

"We shot on that kind of on the tail end of another scene that was being shot in the same set," Carol actress Melissa McBride told "We just wanted to capture it then. I was curious because I really don't know anything about him, what it's gonna be like for him in that storyline. It didn't feel any different only except I knew that it was for a different show and that felt a little bit weird. That felt a little weird."

Another aspect which may have been a bit difficult for McBride was the true significance of her Fear the Walking Dead scene with Lennie James. This was, in many ways, a goodbye.


"It was also very sad shooting that scene because I knew already he was going away somewhere on our set," McBride said. "So, yeah, I might have gotten in my way a little while we were shooting. I just love Lenny and I love his face. I love his eyes are so soulful and it's always a remarkable thing to work with him."

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