Orlando Soccer Team Uses 'Walking Dead' To Terrify Opponent

The Orlando City Soccer Club fans had a terrifying banner to intimidate their opponent, themed after The Walking Dead's Negan introduction.

Pulling from the Season Six finale of the AMC zombie show, the banner sprawled from the roof of the stadium down to about the fifteenth row. It sees Negan pointing his precious Lucille bat at four players from the opposing team, with "Eeny meenie miny moe" written around it. The unforgettable moment from The Walking Dead's highest rated episodes continues to transcend pop culture.

Check out the photo below, as it was originally posted to Reddit.

Awesome banner displayed by Orlando City Soccer fans from r/thewalkingdead

Of course, Negan has since been taken down by Rick Grimes and Team Family, but not before his introduction ended with a violent victory which claimed to key characters' lives.


There is no information yet on who created the banner but it sure would be a shame to have a seat right behind it!

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