Who Dies In 'Fear The Walking Dead' Mid-Season 4 Finale?

Fear the Walking Dead's Mid-Season Four finale is set to air on Sunday night, marking the end of the road for some popular characters.

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4x08 is titled, "No One's Gone." The official synopsis for No One's Gone reads, "Madison fights to preserve the life she worked so hard to build; Morgan tries to do the right thing." The episode will be the last for Nick Clark, whose death was revealed in a previous episode and the flashbacks which have been peppered into the season are set to become a thing of the past.

However, with Nick's death having already been revealed, there are some characters more like than others to join him in the after life, or might already have. Let's take a look at who is in danger and who is safe in Fear the Walking Dead's Mid-Season Four finale...

(Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC)

Madison- Danger. Not appearing in any of the scenes from the current timeline puts Madison in a dangerous place, as the flashback scenario last saw her charging into a fiery walker attack on the baseball stadium to rescue her kids.

Alicia- Safe. Alicia has become a skilled and capable survivor, willing to do what it takes to get by, sometimes to extremes. If Madison is to bow out, Alicia will only be hardened by the loss as she will be revealed to be the only remaining member of the Clark family.

Strand- Safe. One of three Season One characters remainig, Strand will likely become one of two still alive after the Mid-Season Four finale. His arc has been impressive and could be resolved by his choice not to abandon his friends but there is more for Strand to accomplish, yet.

Luciana- Danger. Luciana is on the same quest for revenge as Alicia and Strand, however her emotions could always get the best of her as the loss of Nick is still fresh in her mind. As the group attacks at the baseball stadium, Luciana seems like the type of character who could die to make audiences think it's the only "major" death of the episode, only for another major player to follow her out.

Althea- Safe. Althea's mystery has hardly been uncovered. Why is she filming everything? Why does she care? Is she connected to someone else? Has she met other important survivors? Her story goes on, if only to answer these questions.

John- Danger. Still suffering from a gunshot wound, John is in danger of being a heartbreaking casualty after becoming a fan-favorite character earlier this season.

Naomi- Danger. With John in danger, Naomi seems to have finally realized she does not mind spending time with other survivors and could be carrying a significant amount of guilt for his potentially fatal wound. She might just have to do something dangerous or sacrificial to save him.

Morgan- Safe. Morgan's crossover to Fear the Walking Dead hasn't been as necessary as a narrative could have called for, yet. His true reason for appearing must be something greater than has been revealed and his story will go on.


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