'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 4B Will Be Driven By Relationships

The back half of Fear the Walking Dead Season Four will be driven by the surviving characters developing interesting new relationships with one another.

With Season Four having introduced the apocalypse's favorite romance between Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie and Jenna Elfman's June, "optimistic is the nature of that beast" moving forward according to the former. In fact, this will apply on all fronts in the aftermath of Madison and Nick's deaths, as the cast reveals in the video above during an interview at San Diego Comic Con.

"I feel like it's the nature of the second half, in a way," Elfman said. "There are new little seeds, sprouts of hope. We've all been through so much, these characters, and moving forward that hurricane, storm is sort of symbolic of sweeping us into these intense, isolated experiences where we then have a new experience that then kind of helps start to redefine who we are moving forward. With all of these intense emotions, there is also this essence of hope."

Still, Morgan Jones actor Lennie James warns not to get too comfortable with that hope. "You'll get a little bit of it," James said. "Don't get carried away. You'll get a little and you'll like it."

Morgan has developed a friendship with John, as have June and Althea whether the latter likes it or not. Alicia Clark and Victor Strand will continue to be close. However, Danay Garcia's Luciana now faces possible becoming the outcast of the bunch.

"I'm in a different country," Garcia said. "I came to Texas joining Nick and the Clark's because obviously, Madison, it wasn't on the show but I kind of understood her. We related in a way that she finished Season Three in a way that I finished Season Two, losing everybody. I lost my entire Colonia and in Season Three she was by the dam. She thought, 'I lost everyone.' Somehow, I follow them with Nick. Losing Nick was huge because he was my connection to them and then when we discover that we also lost Madison, she's like, 'What am I doing here?' We start this half season with us drinking and we're in the middle of our own storm is going through, right inside. Each one of us is going through it and it's not pretty."

When it comes down to it, the group will have to realize they are in this apocalypse together. "There are a lot of interesting pairings," Alicia actress Alycia Debnam-Carey said. "That is something. Everybody sort of is a loner but we start to have really interesting pairings of people that you wouldn't expect. It goes back to the fact that we're all orphans, now, of the apocalypse."


"There's a really great question with everyone," Domingo said, "Which is: What am I living for?"

Fear the Walking Dead returns for the back half of its fourth season on August 12th at 9 pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on October 7, 2018. For more updates and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter!