‘Wonder Woman’ Fight Coordinator Trained Lauren Cohan for ‘Mile 22’

Mile 22 star Lauren Cohan trained extensively for her role as CIA ground branch operative Alice Curr under fight coordinator Ryan Watson, who served as stunt coordinator and fight choreographer on the Gal Gadot-led Wonder Woman.

“The training for Mile 22 was really in-depth. We also had Ryan Watson, who trained Gal for Wonder Woman, do a lot of fight choreography for... the hand-to-hand combat stuff and then [co-star and co-fight choreographer Iko Uwais] choreographed a lot of [the stunts],” Cohan said during an appearance on BUILD.

Uwais plays Li Noor, a high-priority intelligence asset Curr and the Overwatch team headed by James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) must escort through 22 miles of dangerous territory towards an extraction point while pursued by terrorists.

“Iko is awesome. He’s so — as you can see — he’s really intensely strong and talented,” Cohan said of her co-star, best known for his role as Rama in martial arts-heavy actioners The Raid and The Raid 2.

“He’s just a beautiful person. He’s like a beautifully spiritual person. And don’t even play fight with him. There’s some kind of strange strength that goes beyond bone and muscle, and yeah, he’s incredible. You guys are gonna be blown away with the fight stuff in this movie, especially if you already know [his work]. I learned a lot, I learned a lot from Iko and from Rhonda [Rousey] and from Mark and from everybody who has a lot more experience in that specific kind of fighting realm. So it was fun.”

Cohan, who stars as widowed Hilltop leader Maggie Rhee on The Walking Dead, had just a three-day separation between wrapping Season Eight of the zombie drama and jumping over to Mile 22’s nearby Atlanta, Georgia set.


“It was a three day jump,” she said. “So basically we finished Walking Dead the day before Thanksgiving and then the Monday after Thanksgiving we started — and we were in Atlanta as well — to start Mile 22. I’d been doing my Mile 22 training over the last month of our season. It was busy!”

The upcoming ninth season of The Walking Dead, returning to AMC October 7, will be Cohan’s last as a series regular. Mile 22 is now playing.