'The Walking Dead': Daryl Will Make Some New Friends

The Walking Dead will soon introduce a new batch of characters which Daryl Dixon will be surprisingly receptive toward according to Norman Reedus.

Speaking to ComicBook.com on the set of the show's Episode 9x12, Reedus opened up about Daryl encountering the expected bunch based on comic book characters. Soon enough, the AMC show will bring Magna, Yumiko, and others into the fold but Daryl won't be as standoff-ish as he has in the past.

"There are storylines that when certain characters trust people," Reedus said. "For whatever reasons, some of those have not worked out but I think he's like 'Michonne, these are your friends? Alright.' You know? 'Maggie those are your friends? Alright.' I think he's constantly like watching them. I don't think he's like give me a hug. You know, I don't think Daryl is ever that guy that's like give me a hug. He's never going to build a podium and stand up and talk to everybody and be like 'Come on, guys!'"

The new group will be arriving ahead of the first half of Season Nine's conclusion, so Daryl's new acquaintances (or, optimistically, friends) aren't too far off. "As far as the new group, the new people, if one of our main people trust them then Daryl will trust them until they screw up," Reedus said. That's when the consequences come in: "And then he'll kill them."

Daryl has long bee the character who is skeptic of new characters with very few exceptions. In the absence of Rick Grimes, he just might continue such a role as the group will be without its leader for the first time. Reedus reflected on Season Two for an example.


"Since the beginning he's always been the guy, like there was that Randall episode where everyone was like, 'What do you do? Do we kill him? Do we keep him prisoner? Who have we become?' And Daryl snuck away beat the crap out of him and snuck back and then hid his bloody hands behind his back and said he's got these men. He's never like, 'Look at me I fixed it!' He's just: 'I'll fix it but let's not talk about it' And he leads by example. He doesn't give speeches. He's just not that guy. I don't want to. I don't, I won't let anybody make him that guy either."

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