'The Walking Dead' Teaser Reveals New Look At The Whisperers

The Walking Dead is on break right now as season nine comes together behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean AMC is sleeping on the show. Over on Facebook, a new teaser for the upcoming season just went live, and it appears to give a new look at The Walking Dead’s latest group.

That’s right, the Whisperers are here, and they looking — well — rather undead.

As you can see below, The Walking Dead’s official page posted a new teaser for the show moments ago. The short reel shows what looks to be a group of stumbling walkers as they trek through a forest. However, the one in the middle slows down and turns around to reveal the face of a Whisperer. Fading to black, The Walking Dead teaser plugs its February 10 return.

So far, a debate is raging over who the character shown could be, but netizens keep circling back to Ryan Hurst. The actor was cast last year to play Beta in season nine, giving him the chance to bring one of the most famous Whisperers to television. Others have wondered if it could be a random Whisperer checking out the group's territory while a few think the character in question might even be Negan disguised. However, one thing is for sure, and it is that the Whisperers are coming and ready to make their mark on the hit AMC series.

So far, fans have seen very little of the Whisperers on The Walking Dead, but they will come in full force this season. In fact, during a recent appearance at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa) said season nine has an entirely “new flavor” thanks to the new group.

“I feel like we constantly try to outdo ourselves in terms of hope on the show and love on the show and what you’ll do to survive and explosions and fun things, and I feel like this season, it does the same thing,” Serratos explained.

“When we’re trying to outdo everything we’ve done [it’s] to please you guys and to make sure that it’s constantly staying fresh and exciting, and I think especially with Angela [Kang] being our new showrunner, we have a new fresh female perspective on the show. All the women are really shown in a great way this season. So I think it’s just going to bring a whole new flavor to the show and I think it’s going to keep everyone as excited as they should be and want to be.”


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The Walking Dead returns with new episodes Sunday, February 10 on AMC.