'The Walking Dead' Fan Gets Epic Rick Grimes Tattoo

The Walking Dead fans enjoy showing their passion for the post-apocalyptic zombie series in many ways. One fan has permanently had his fandom for Robert Kirkman's comic series with the art of Charlie Adlard tattooed onto his arm and the art is an impressive combination of comic book covers.

As posted to Reddit by a user named LateNiteKahvi, the tattoo takes variant covers from The Walking Dead and puts them together in one image. The bottom of the tattoo pulls from issue #100's variant which saw Rick Grimes standing above an endless pile of bodies (which was later adapted to the TV series for Andrew Lincoln's final episode of The Walking Dead). The Rick Grimes art is from issue #163's variant cover which featured Rick Grimes in Negan's jacket, holding the villains Lucille bat.

Check out the epic The Walking Dead tattoo below!

My half sleeve of my two favorite issue covers from r/thewalkingdead

There's no word in the Reddit post about the artist who crafted the tattoo on LateNiteKahvi's arm.


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