The Walking Dead Comics Set Up Daryl's TV Death

The Walking Dead comics have been less and less like the show based on them as time has gone on. Certain characters have made abrupt, earlier-than-source-material exits, while some are introduced to TV as completely unique faces. One of those unique to TV characters is Daryl Dixon, the popular character portrayed by Norman Reedus. While many suspect the series could never actually kill Daryl out of fear for fan outrage, the writing may now be on the wall (or, panel) for the character moving forward.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics follow. Major spoilers!

In issue #191 of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, the end of the road appears to have been reached for Rick Grimes. The character who has carried and built the zombie series for more than 15 years was shot in the chest by an annoying new antagonist by the name of Sebastian. It certainly seems like he will be dead before the final page of issue #192 is turned, thus concluding Compendium #4 and launching the book in a brand new direction for Compendium #5.

How does it relate to Daryl Dixon, you ask? Well, it's probably how he will die on the show if Angela Kang's series tries to somehow follow the books with its own mash up of characters.

In recent episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon has all but definitively become the new Rick Grimes. The most clear moment showing that he will be filling Rick's shoes came when Alpha showed Daryl her horde of Whisperers. This moment, and the discovery of the pikes marking Whisperer territory, was one involving Rick Grimes in the books. While Daryl has never shown a desire to lead the communities, he might have no choice as Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Chandler Riggs, and Lauren Cohan are no longer going to be with the show for their characters to fulfill such a role.

If The Walking Dead does head to the Commonwealth following the Whisperer War story (something which seemed planned when Georgie appeared in Season Eight), Daryl might be forced to carry out another Rick Grimes story which would ultimately put him in the ground.

Of course, The Walking Dead might never see such a story point and if it does reach something of a TV-equivalent to the narrative beats, the AMC writers might just change or completely skip the moment.


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