Iconic The Walking Dead Location Reimagined Years Later

One of the most famous images from The Walking Dead remains the poster for its first season which saw Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes riding into Atlanta on a horse. Beside him were abandoned cars and a wrecked train as the apocalypse was in full swing. Now, a fan of the AMC series has reimagined the iconic image and what it might look like this many years into the apocalypse.

With The Walking Dead having launched in 2010, several years have passed since Rick Grimes rode that horse down that old town road and discovered the treacherous post-apocalyptic threats. It is unclear where the story sits in the timeline now, with several time jumps and on-screen years having passed, but the city would certainly be overgrown.

The photo below, posted by Reddit user HeroesUnite, imagines what that same path might look like at this point of The Walking Dead's zombie apocalypse.

I (tried) to make the Atlanta Highway more overgrown. Its shit, but here ya' go! from r/thewalkingdead

Hilariously, one of the top comments on the photo calls the fan's work "better than the deer" which was a CGI blunder back in The Walking Dead's seventh season.

Heading into The Walking Dead's tenth season, showrunner Angela Kang has done an impressive job of balancing elements unique to the TV series and straight from the comic books in her first year already. She will continue to do so with characters like Negan's future on the series, as well as other elements.


"As somebody who's working at ComicBook.com, you know what comes in the comic," Kang said. "There's some really interesting story for Negan moving forward, and we're going to kind of play with our version of it, but we just thought what is the way in which Negan gets out of prison in our world, and how is that similar to or different from the comic book version? So this all plays in his story moving forward."

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