The Walking Dead Star Roasts Pike Victim With Hilarious Tweet

The Walking Dead cast are a tight knit family, even in the after life. This means that when one cast member's character is killed off of the show, the fans still get to enjoy some banter on social media when one throws shade at another. It's all in good fun but recently, Matt Mangum and Lindsley Register had a hilarious exchange on Twitter, with Mangum's DJ having been killed off in Season 9's infamous pike sequence.

Mangum's birthday passed by recently, prompting a fan on Twitter to wish him well. In doing so, the fan referred to the actor as "Everyone's favorite Savior turned Alexandrian." Mangum took this tweet and sent it to Register, who plays Laura on the AMC zombie series, bragging about being the favorite.

Register's response was perfect: "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you with your mouth full of pike."

Check out the hilarious exchange between Register and Mangum below...

The Walking Dead took Mangum's DJ out in Episode 9x15, alongside the likes or the Highway Men, Frankie, Tara, Enid, Tammy, and Henry. The infamous moment was a comic book sequence brought to life, seeing each of the Whisperers' victims having their heads cut off and placed onto a pike to mark the Whisperer territory. DJ did not exist in the comics, making his character and death unique to the TV series.


What did you think of The Walking Dead's pike sequence by comparison to the comics? How about the roasting by Register? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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