Fans Think Carl Dies On 'The Walking Dead' Again

Chandler Riggs finally got a new haircut, prompting fans of The Walking Dead to suspect the worst [...]

Chandler Riggs finally got a new haircut, prompting fans of The Walking Dead to suspect the worst for Carl Grimes.

The actor who has been with The Walking Dead since its first since took to Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of his new look, which is quite reflective of his Walking Dead co-star Josh McDermitt who rocks a mullet for his Eugene Porter character. That's right, Riggs is sporting a mullet these days. The actor says it's a new look for a new movie which he may be filming in The Walking Dead production's off-season.

"Ok so as a forewarning, I'm doing this movie and they had to cut my hair a little," Riggs wrote. "Into a mullet. Gonna be stuffing it into a hat until I wrap on the movie."

Check out the photos Riggs posted of his new look below.

Naturally, fans of The Walking Dead assumed the worst as the actor made a major change to his appearance for the first time in years. It's the same thing that happened when Maggie actress Lauren Cohan snipped her hair which turned out to be a move to more closely resemble her character's comic book counterpart.

Maybe he's just playing young Eugene in a flashback!

"Why am I suddenly afraid Carl gets killed off TWD," one of the first responses reads from @Lincolnlover357.

@Lincolnlover357 isn't alone in their fear of Carl dying. Several other Twitter users shared the sentiment made worse when Riggs tweet at the official Stranger Things account asking for a job. Surely, it was a joke, but for fans of the deadly AMC drama, there's no time for that.

Should Carl die on The Walking Dead, the AMC series would be making a serious deviation from its comic book source material. With the comics still in print, the son of Rick Grimes is still alive and well years beyond the current setting of the TV series.

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