'The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs' Music Career Is Starting To Take Off

Chandler Riggs is already finding success with music in his post-Walking Dead life.

It's not quite a Billboard Top 100 hit yet but Riggs' first single under the name of Eclipse has reached over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. This does not count plays on Spotify or Apple Music, where Riggs' music is also available.

"Hold on, just hit 100k on Soundcloud. Thank you," Riggs said. "I have so many more exciting things to show you. Also, shout out to the person that listened to it 103 times between December 14th and 15th."

Check out Riggs' tweets below.


Riggs has previously said he was working on this musical project for "over a year" and released the collaboration with Lolaby earlier this month. The song is titled, "Hold On," and is available on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. "This was an amazing co-write between myself and the ever so talented Chandler Riggs," Lolaby said.


With Riggs exiting The Walking Dead over the summer, the actor will have ample time to pour into his musical career should he choose. The young actor put his DJ skills on display aboard the Walker Stalker Cruise early in 2017. While his work can't be heard, he can be seen jamming out with fans in the video at the top of the page.

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