Chandler Riggs Tweets About 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs has taken to Twitter to talk about last night’s intense mid-season finale episode.

SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Season Eight, Episode Eight, “How It’s Gotta Be” follow.

Even before the episode aired, Riggs teased fans by suggesting the episode would be one know fan should miss.

“midseason finale of twd comes on in 15 mins,” Riggs tweeted. “a lot of really hard work has gone into this episode from the entire cast and crew to make something incredible, exciting, and emotional. you don’t wanna miss this one. trust me.”

Riggs wasn’t kidding. “How It’s Gotta Be” revealed that Rigg’s Carl Grimes has been nursing a pretty nasty walker bite around his ribs. Fans of The Walking Dead know that this means the beginning of the end for Carl, a fact that Riggs acknowledged following the episode.

“jokes aside, thank you,” Riggs tweeted after the episode. “you’ll hear from me soon.”

Riggs isn’t the only actor opening up about the midseason finale’s shocking reveal. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Carl’s father Rick Grimes and is the only other actor from the show’s pilot who is still a part of the cast, says that the loss of Carl hit him even harder than the loss of Glenn, played by Steven Yeung, last season.


"This was the hardest... Losing Steven was... the thought of the journey without Steven in the cast was unbearable but this is... I didn't see it coming," Lincoln said in an exclusive interview with "I had no idea. Scott called me up and said, 'You're gonna hate this one. I want to just forewarn you.' Even then, I was waiting to say, 'This is a really cool way of telling me that I'm off the show, you know that?' That's what I thought he was about to say. He said, 'It's the kid.' I couldn't even say, 'No.' I was silent for a minute. He said, twice, 'Are you still there?' I just didn't see it coming."

The Walking Dead fans will have some time to let this shocker set in. The series will return to AMC on February 25, 2018.