Will Daryl Lose A Limb In 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale?

The Walking Dead has promised a "shocking" midseason finale which will air this Sunday so, while it's unlikely a character such as Daryl will die, it's not impossible to see him severely injured.

Daryl Dixon seems to have what many fans of The Walking Dead call, "plot armor." The character repeatedly is thrust into dangerous situations, sometimes due to his own poor choices, but always seem to find a way out. For some fans, it's rare to feel nervous for the man who literally punched Negan in the face and, still, managed to dodge a baseball bat to the skull.

So, assuming The Walking Dead won't go as far as killing Daryl... Will the AMC series go as far as taking a limb from the Norman Reedus character?

In The Walking Dead comics, losing limbs happens to several characters. Rick Grimes, for one, has had one hand on the pages of Robert Kirkman's source material since one of his initial encounters with the Governor! More recently, however, and in an encounter with Negan, the missing-from-TV character of Heath had his leg blown off during a grenade attack on Alexandria.

Should Negan roll up to Alexandria and hurl grenades over the wall, Daryl would be one of his prime targets if we were taking aim at anyone in particular. After all, Daryl not only escaped Negan's Sancutary but he also plunged a garbage truck into its walls, allowing a herd of walkers to invade.

Though Heath is set to return, and has a slim chance to do so on Sunday night, it wouldn't be very impactful to have the character pop back into Alexandria and lose a leg. Daryl Dixon, on the other hand, would deliver the shocking moment promised by showrunner Scott Gimple via Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick.

The loss of a hand for a character as prominent as Daryl seems unlikely, given Andrew Lincoln's explanation for not losing Rick's hand involves the price of constantly computerizing a lack of the extremity. Losing a leg, however, has been pulled off on the AMC series in the past. Hershel Greene had one leg for more than an entire season while Scott Wilson served as a series regular.


Exactly what the "shocking" moments of The Walking Dead's midseason finale are will be revealed on Sunday night, when the final episode of 2017 airs.

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