Dayton Callie Confirmed For Fear The Walking Dead, Character Details Revealed

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Fear The Walking Dead.

If you were looking closely, a legend of modern television was spotted in the season two finale of Fear The Walking Dead.

Dayton Callie appeared toward the end of the first half of the finale, finding Ofelia in the desert. If you don't recognize Callie by his name, you've definitely seen his face around. Dayton starred in the motorcycle drama Sons Of Anarchy for seven seasons, and also had a major role in the HBO western series, Deadwood.

Callie acted alongside Fear The Walking Dead star Kim Dickens in both of those series, and now the two will work alongside each other once again.

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(Photo: AMC)

In a live interview with's Walking Dead Insider, Brandon Davis, executive producer Dave Erickson shed some more light on the future of Dayton Callie's character, Russell, going forward.

"I worked with Dayton on Sons of Anarchy for about four years, and Dayton worked with Kim [Dickens] on Deadwood....I think we're gonna see a guy that's not dissimilar than the characters weve seen him play on Sons and on Deadwood. He's definitely rough, he can be violent when he has to be. But theres a certain moral compass there as well. But we find out that his past is a little bit darker, his relationships are a little bit darker, some of the things he's done in the past are gonna come back to haunt him....I'm really anxious to get Kim and Dayton into scenes together again."

There you have it, Dayton Callie will have a very big role in Fear The Walking Dead going forward. By the sounds of it, he will bring an element of mystery into the series.

With his dark past and violent relationships, Callie's character could turn out to be a hero, or a villain, to the group. Strand and Daniel also entered the series with dark pasts, and they have become two of the most compelling characters on the show. Dayton Callie will look to have the same impact.


This answer also confirms the reunion of a few main characters.

Dave talked about Dayton and Kim being in scenes together, and Dayton's character has Ofelia with him. This revelation means Ofelia will re-join part of the family, will we see Nick join them as well?