Seth Gilliam Discusses Father Gabriel's Survival On 'The Walking Dead'

Father Gabriel's fate looked grim in The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere but Seth Gilliam promises this might not be the end.

Before the Season 8 premiere came to an end on Sunday night, the Father Gabriel character who only recently began to harvest some favoritism from fans, found himself trapped in a trailer with the most dangerous and unpredictable villain the show has ever seen. Negan promised Gabriel, he better have his "s---ting pants on" because he was "about to s--- [his] pants."

Still, Gabriel might just make it out of there with not only some clean underwear, but also his life.

"There's always a possibility, man," Gilliam said. "It's The Walking Dead. "There's always a possibility of making it out alive."

Of course, earning some extra favor from fans just before dying would put Gilliam's Gabriel on a crowded list with the likes of Abraham, Noah, and Andrea. Not to mention, Noah also died trying to help a character fans were none too fond of. Gabriel would be suffering a similar fate, should he bow out after risking his life for Gregory.

"Father Gabriel is trying very hard to do the right thing," Gilliam said. "It's all about trying to do the right thing. It might lead you to being in the wrong place at the wrong time but you're still trying to do the right thing."

Though Gabriel is trying to be a hero here, the character gives full credit to the man upstairs. According to Gilliam, it's exactly what helps Gabriel survive in this world. "I think that's the only thing that can keep him going, is his faith in God," Gilliam said. "Having re-found it, rediscovered his faith in God has given him a little intestinal fortitude that he didn't have before."


If The Walking Dead comics are any indication, Father Gabriel will survive the encounter with Negan, only suffer a more brutal fate further down the line. In fact, it's exactly how Gilliam hopes to see his character go.

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