‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Bosses Tease New Antagonist

In addition to the ferocious storm that just rolled into Fear The Walking Dead’s back half, the [...]

In addition to the ferocious storm that just rolled into Fear The Walking Dead's back half, the separated survivors will soon cross paths with a new human threat.

"The storm is the thing that makes the world a lot harder to live in, but there will be someone cropping up who is going to really test all our characters in ways that they didn't expect and this antagonist — I don't want to give away too much about who this person is — may know a lot more about our characters, or have insight into who they are, and what they're going through in ways that our characters don't even have," showrunner Andrew Chambliss told THR.

Asked if the mysterious threat is a returning figure or a new character, co-showrunner Andrew Goldberg said, "It could be either. We can promise you this person or persons will show up in the back half of the season."

Fear The Walking Dead Tonya Pinkins
(Photo: AMC)

The showrunners are hinting at an on-the-way character to be played by Tonya Pinkins (Gotham), who we learned in July would surface as a new human threat this season. Details are scarce, but the character was glimpsed in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer, appearing to warn Morgan, "It's tough out here. You should be careful."

Pinkins' mysterious character is just one of several new faces on the way: Mo Collins (Parks and Recreation), Aaron Stanford (12 Monkeys), Stephen Henderson (Lady Bird), and Daryl Mitchell (NCIS: New Orleans) will join the series in the coming episodes, encountering the Fear survivors as they navigate a deadly hurricane — mostly separated and sometimes in pairs.

"We've seen these characters come up against a lot of different adversaries over the course of the series, both walker and human, but one of the things that we've never seen them face is Mother Nature, especially on a scale like a hurricane. So, we approached it from a place of just wanting to explore an adversary like we hadn't seen before, a new obstacle for these people to face," Goldberg said.

"A hurricane is obviously a really difficult challenge to overcome in the world we live in, but in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, it's even more challenging. It's also kind of representative of the storm that is going on inside each of these characters."

As many of the characters struggle to discover who they are without Madison there to guide them, each will face "questions of who they are, what their purpose is, who they're going to be going forward," Goldberg said.

"The storm represents that and it will present challenges for them in a lot of different ways. They're going to be separated by the storm. They're going to be facing the aftermath of what the storm has wrought on this landscape. It's going to affect, as we'll see, the walkers. We're going to see the impact that a storm like this has on the walkers and just on the environment. It's going to be quite a challenge for everyone."