Fear The Walking Dead: Exclusive Clip From Episode 5x02

AMC has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive clip from Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x02. In the clip, Alicia is dealing with the guilt of losing Althea, who was taken by an unknown soldier in the Season 5 premiere. As it turns out, the efforts of helping people aren't going as smoothly as the group had hoped. In the clip above, they come across a blocked highway with warnings of radiation, literally another obstacle in their path.

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x02 is titled, "The Hurt That Will Happen." The official synopsis for The Hurt That Will Happen reads, "Morgan and Alicia meet a survivor and learn of a grave new walker threat. Meanwhile, the mission is put to the test when one of their own goes missing. Elsewhere, Strand makes contact." The episode is directed by Jessica Lowrey on a script from Alex Delyle.

Following the Season 5 premiere, it is easy for fans to wonder if the radiation indicated by the road block is in any way tied to the soldiers responsible for taking both Rick Grimes and Althea. Rick was shuttled off of The Walking Dead in a helicopter with s mysterious three-ring logo on. That same logo popped up on equipment belonging to a soldier which had been killed near the site of the Fear group's plane crash.

"They may remain mysterious for a little while but we can say they're definitely not robots despite the wires sticking out of the uniforms," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss said of the three-ring logo on Talking Dead, adding a joke: "Maybe cyborgs, I don't know." As more time passes on Fear the Walking Dead, new details will emerge. "We will learn a lot more about that symbol and the soldier, and it may have some lasting effects on a character on the show."

Meanwhile, Victor Strand is on a mission to get the group another plane, but according to Luciana in the clip above, there hasn't been any word from him.


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in October. The Rick Grimes movies have not yet been given a release date.