Michael Cudlitz Reacts To Abraham's 'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover

Michael Cudlitz was as surprised as anyone to see his character (sort of) get involved with Fear the Walking Dead in its Mid-Season Four finale.

In a moment which saw Alicia Clark investigating Althea's interview tapes, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it frame showed a tape labeled "Abe" and "The Doctor." It was a reference to The Walking Dead's Abraham Ford and Eugene Porter characters, indicating they had crossed paths with Althea ahead of their Season Four debut on The Walking Dead and Althea's Season Four debut on Fear the Walking Dead. As it turns out, Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz might have genuinely had no idea this was a part of his character's story.

Cudlitz saw the moment on Twitter, quoting a tweet about the moment, with the caption, "WTF." Check it out below!

The moment was confirmed during the Talking Dead episode which followed Fear the Walking Dead's Mid-Season finale. Cudlitz, of course, is probably out of the loop for the Dead universes stories now, having exited his role in The Walking Dead's Season Seven premiere which was shot over two years ago.

Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss opened up about the moment in an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com. "All I should say is, you know, Al's got all those tapes," Chambliss said. "People can freeze the frame and see what's written on them. And who knows, maybe there are people they're familiar in there with, or maybe not."


The Walking Dead and its comic book source material are a major point of inspiration for Fear's new showrunners. "Ian [Goldberg] and I have been fans of The Walking Dead going back to the pilot," Chambliss said. "And particularly fans of Lennie James, 'Cause we just think he brings so much life to Morgan, you know, from that first time we saw him. So we have a really solid grasp on what his journey has been. But then we have the, probably, man who knows Morgan best a phone call away from us, and that's Lennie. And he's been really an invaluable resource to us, when we are kind of mapping out Morgan's journey, and where he's going, and how it kinda resonates with his presence. So we're very lucky in that regard, to have an actor who knows his character so well, and who is very open to collaborating with us on, kinda, crafting the journey that he's going on."

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