Fear The Walking Dead Introducing A Flight to Alexandria?

Fear the Walking Dead will be adding a couple of elements to its upcoming fifth season which might point toward an inevitable merging of it and The Walking Dead. Such a storyline seems inevitable as the AMC series has been endlessly teasing a trip to the Alexandria area ever since Lennie James and his Morgan Jones character started suggesting a trip to Alexandria in last year's Season 4. Now, Fear the Walking Dead is going to gain an airplane and Austin Amelio as his Dwight character from The Walking Dead.

"We’re going to come in right in the middle of one of these help missions, and we’re going to see that the group has gone to some pretty extreme measures to carry out their goals to help someone in need," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW. It’s going to take them to an entirely new and strange and dangerous environment that they’ve never been to before. It may involve a plane, and we’re going to see the difficulties that their mission presents, but also the internal things that our characters are dealing with that are maybe preventing them from fully living. That’s where we start the season, and those are the things that we’re going to be exploring."

With this plane joining Fear the Walking Dead at the same time as Amelio becoming the second Walking Dead star to make the jump, one has to wonder if someone will suggest heading to Alexandria and actually following through. The draping of such bait was featured in Fear the Walking Dead Season 4's back half and more connections to the original Walking Dead series are going to be aplenty in Season 5. As the show would benefit from either abandoning or committing to a real connection, the showrunners will likely realize as much and possibly use the plane to connect the two.

After all, Rick Grimes was last seen on The Walking Dead flying off into the sunset on a helicopter. As his story is set to be explored in a trilogy of films, it's possible either the plane or Dwight (or both) on Fear the Walking Dead could help make this Dead universe shrink more than before. That said, Dwight is one character with no motivation to head back to Alexandria, as his journey is driven by a search for his wife who is definitely not there.

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