Texas County Billing Fear the Walking Dead for Filming Damages

Travis County issued cabler AMC a bill for $74,000 over damages to the city of Manor, Texas caused by filming on Fear the Walking Dead, KXAN reports.

A county document claims the filming crew left "damaged sidewalks, dirty curbs, and debris along the road" when filming in February. Production crews also attempted to clean the road by power washing, which the county says stripped off the road's asphalt sealant and reflective beads in its striping.

Per KXAN: "Travis County Commissioners recommended approving the settlement Tuesday releasing the production company Stalwart Films from liability. The settlement of $74,000 will be certified and budgeted under TNR's Road & Bridge funds center."

Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg previously told ComicBook.com transforming urban Texas into an apocalyptic wasteland proved to be an expensive challenge, particularly when action revolved around a hospital in later Season 4 episodes.

"In episode 414, where we're at the hospital, that's the first time we actually were within a city of Austin and the first time we saw a much more urban setting in the apocalypse," Chambliss said.

"That was something we've been wanting to do for a while, and when we ended up on the roof of the hospital, there was really no way of hiding the city. It was not an easy or cheap thing to achieve. The rooftop, that was all practical set dressing, but then everything beyond that really became a visual effect."

Fear utilized visual effects to achieve the remaining ruination, dirtying up the Texas State Capitol and the surrounding area.

"The Capitol building with the dome half caved in, all the buildings with dirt and windows blown out, that was all done after the fact, when we were working with our post department and a bunch of different visual effects companies," Chambliss explained.

"Stuff that, when we're coming up with these ideas we don't even think about, but the fact that you see a road in the distance and there is rush hour traffic on it for miles and miles, we have to then go in and create all of that. So we love seeing that, but when it's on a roof, it's very expensive."

Despite the expense, Chambliss and Goldberg "want to see more of kind of the urban side of the apocalypse in that landscape," touched on again in part in Season 5.


Fear the Walking Dead resumes its fifth season Sunday, August 11 on AMC. The cabler in July revealed the series was renewed for a sixth season during San Diego Comic-Con.