Fear The Walking Dead: Dwight's Fate, Next Crossover Revealed

Fear the Walking Dead aired the third episode of its fifth season on Sunday night, bringing in a familiar face for fans of The Walking Dead. Austin Amelio made his debut as Dwight on the spinoff series, launching the crossover first promised by a ComicBook.com report in January. Now, Dwight's arrival and journey on the show have become more clear.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x03 follow. Major spoilers!

Prior to Sunday night, Dwight was last seen being banished from Alexandria and its surrounding communities by Daryl in The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale. Since then, about a year has passed according to Dwight, and he spent that time going down through Georgia and out west in Texas. All of this traveling was motivated by a search for Dwight's wife Sherry, who ran away from him on The Walking Dead, but has apparently been leaving behind notes to keep him on her trail.

Dwight first encounter John Dorie and June on Fear the Walking Dead before interacting with Morgan Jones. Morgan also joined Fear the Walking Dead after being introduced on the flagship series. The two characters, however, had never spoken a line to one another on screen. Morgan actor Lennie James and Amelio had shared sets but never interacted on camera.

Amelio is here to stay when it comes to Fear. His journey will now be alongside that of Alicia Clark, Morgan Jones, Victor Strand, John Dorie, June, Charlie, Luciana, Wendall, and Sarah. Whether or not Christine Evangelista will reprise her role as Sherry has yet to officially be commented on.

Episode 5x03 was directed by Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo.

"I really thought about here's the script and here's him. I didn't think of it as his big entrance in any way," Domingo told ComicBook.com. "Because I did not watch The Walking Dead, Austin told me at some point, he says, 'You know I've never smiled on The Walking Dead.' I said, 'Really?' Because he's got a great smile, and I felt like you got to get a kick out of Dory and June. You know what I mean? You got to get a kick out of them. It's this really, really sweet scene, and then he just smiles so bright."


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET.