'Fear The Walking Dead': Garret Dillahunt & Jenna Elfman Talk Season 5

Fear the Walking Dead stars Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman are gearing up to head back to Austin, Texas for production on Season Five but made a stop at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, where ComicBook.com caught up with the pair who play John and June, respectively.

"Production dates are about the same. We can say that, right?" Dillahunt said, teasing an upcoming return to set. "I don't know much. I had my little meeting but we just sort of talk about desires. She knows a whole bunch. If you want to know something, ask Jenna Elfman."

Elfman, however, is a steel trap. "I'm saying nothing," the actress laughed. She did, however, visit the set of The Walking Dead, the original AMC zombie series and older sibling to her Fear show while down in Georgia. "It was awesome," Elfman said. "It was so great to see The Walking Dead family working! I can say nothing but when we did our episode, Melissa McBride was there, so it was fun to go visit them and see their set. Our steadycam operator Juan is there, our trailr production assistant, and Alexa was there. It was nice."

As for Season Five, Garret Dillahunt has one specific thing he would like to see. "I guess just more of the same. Maybe a wedding?" he suggested. "I don't know who but it'd be nice!"

Elfman also hopes to see her character's journey continue in similar fashion. "I've had such a fun journey thus far with such a dynamic change that I'm excited about the next chapter of her evolution," Elfman said.

The bottom line is that the cast and crew are tremendously excited to get back to work, comparing it to going back to school after an exciting summer. "It's better than that," Dillahunt said. "School was nerveracking for me, it's like, 'I hope I remember my pants.' This is like a family in all its foibles but it's like we love each other. If there's a legacy of The Walking Dead universe, I think it's the kindness of the cast and crew. I thought it was a crock but it's true and she fits right in."

If the amount of fun the actors had at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta is any indication, they will likely be back in the future. "It's been lovely," Elfman said. "It's fun now to be at a convention after the show's aired so people have more participation in the characters."


"This is my first Walker Stalker in general, this is my first con," Dillahunt added. "I am impressed with how sweet and kind they are. I got so much food. They brought me spam and Werther's and liquorice. It's amazing."

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