Fear The Walking Dead Finally Killed [Spoiler]!

Fear the Walking Dead has not lived up to the precedent set by The Walking Dead in terms of killing characters. The original AMC series had killed off several key members of its group of survivors by the end of its second season: Ed, Amy, Jim, Sophia, Otis, and Dale to name a few.

As an avid viewer of Fear the Walking Dead, the closest comparisons stack up to Griselda, Liza, and possibly Daniel. Other than that, who has been killed off in Fear? And of them, who has had a lasting impact on the series since being gone?

In the first half of the Season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, that has finally changed. Major spoilers for the final episodes, Wrath and North follow.


In the first half of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale, it was revealed that Chris was killed by Brandon after leaving his father in favor of the American boys. As Brandon and Derek needed sleep, Chris took the wheel of their pick up truck and dozed off himself, only flip the truck and find himself launched from the window.

Desperate to survive, Chris crawled from the truck with a compound fracture in his leg. Brandon quickly mae the decision to shoot him as not to have to deal with the dead weight of an injured comrade.

After finally telling the truth of the matter to Travis, Brandon and Derek ended up the next victims of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale, as the former father snapped and literally beat them to death in arguably the best moment of Fear's twenty episodes to date.

Chris' death has long been expected. Not only was the character widely despised by audiences, but Lorenzo James Henrie joined the cast of Agents of SHIELD and appeared in the Season 4 premiere in September. Given the fact that actors in the Walking Dead universe are not allowed to recur on other series, the writing was on the wall for Travis' unstable son.


Fear the Walking Dead will return for its third season in 2017.