Former 'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Kim Dickens Reunites with Co-Stars

Former Fear The Walking Dead leading lady Kim Dickens reunited with co-stars Jenna Elfman and Colman Domingo Sunday at the Motion Picture Television Fund's Evening Before Emmys party. Elfman shared the photo to her Instagram story.

Fear The Walking Dead Elfman Dickens Domingo
(Photo: Jenna Elfman)

Dickens previously served as lead of the Walking Dead spinoff series for its first three-and-a-half seasons before her character, alpha mom Madison Clark, was killed off in the Season Four mid-season finale in June.

The trio headlined Season Four episode 'Just in Case' this past half-season, which saw Elfman's June — then "Naomi" — open up to Madison and Domingo's Victor Strand about her traumatic past and the death of her young daughter.

When asked which dead Fear character he would resurrect if given the chance, Domingo said on Facebook Live he would bring back "good buddy Madison."

"Because Madison and Strand had such a great time, and I thought there was much more story to tell. Who knows, maybe she'll come back in dream sequences, or something. Maybe she'll be haunting me. 'Victor, get up, do the right thing. Victor, have a scotch. Drink more scotch, Victor,'" Domingo said.

The actor-slash-director said of Dickens, "I just like working with Kim, I just like working with Kim, too. I like working with our new comrades as well, [but] Kim and I had something special."

Domingo previously hailed "dear friend" Dickens as the leader of not only Madison's pack of tight-knit survivors, but as an off-screen leader of stars past and present that included series veterans Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, and Danay García.

Debnam-Carey, who plays Madison's daughter Alicia — now the last-surviving member of the Clark clan — said the cast found Dickens' exit "very devastating."

"We're such a tight knit family, we've just become so important in each others' lives," she said on Talking Dead.

"People say that, you know, their shows, 'we're family,' this is true. This is, what you're seeing here — the loss that we've suffered as we knew this story, what this storytelling had to do, we were losing that," Domingo said immediately following Madison's death-isode. "And so even while we're gaining some new cast members along, we were wrestling with it, and it was a real struggle, because we're so close."

Dickens admitted previously she was "heartbroken" and "devastated" to learn the show had decided to move on from Madison and take a new direction under new executive producer Scott Gimple and showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

In recent weeks, Dickens booked a new Showtime pilot from Masters of Sex writer Eileen Myers and Army Wives producer Deborah Spera and is gearing up for a return to Deadwood with the new HBO movie shooting in October.

Elfman and Domingo continue to anchor Fear with co-stars Debnam-Carey, García, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, and Lennie James. The series was recently renewed for its fifth season.


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