Kim Dickens Reveals Favorite 'Fear The Walking Dead' Memory

In exiting Fear the Walking Dead, Kim Dickens is looking back at her time as Madison Clark fondly with one evening standing out above the rest in her memory.

The actress bid her leading role farewell on Sunday night when Madison literally went down in flames in the Mid-Season Four finale. With over three years under her belt working with the AMC zombie show, a more recent celebratory dinner is the memory which she cherishes most.

"Gosh, there is so many memorable, indelible moments that I will never forget," Dickens told "Mostly the bond that I had with the cast and the crew how intimately we all worked together to make the best show we can make on a daily basis, on an hourly basis. That comradery I will miss to a great, great deal. Still camera operators texting me or cast coordinator, we're all in touch still with text and we value that experience together. I think though the intimate dinner that the cast and I had. the send off for Frank and myself, I think that night was kind of really memorable night. It just had magic to it, the tears and the laughter and where the night went through in Austin it was just a great night."

Dickens was genuinely shocked to hear the news that she would be leaving the AMC series. "I had so much fun playing her and I just I had so many dreams of all the things that we could do with her, so I'm a little sad that I was left without... I mean I thought she could have become a villain, to just play all of that ferocious aspects of her were so fun and I thought she could have become a villain in fact or I would have loved to see her in the crossover as well," Dickens said. "You're at least engaged with Lennie what would they been like together or if she had crossover to meet up with Daryl or Rick, that would have been fantastic. I'm sad that I don't get to play it selfishly in a sense but such a fun character to play."

Still, the showrunners insists Madison's death was a creative decision which will impact the show moving forward.


"Yes, Madison's story came to an end," co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told "And for us, the story was about her sacrifice and her act of heroism. And we saw it recounted through the eyes of Alicia, of Strand, of Luciana. And for us it was really about that moment, and those last words that she said to her. And that is why that is the last image we see of Madison, as opposed to seeing the walkers ascending on her, as they're going up in flames."

The Walking Dead will return for its ninth season in the fall. Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. It will return for the second half of its fourth season in August. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.