Lost 'Fear The Walking Dead' Character Returning For Season 4

When Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fourth season, it will also mark the return of a [...]

When Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fourth season, it will also mark the return of a familiar face.

Danay Garcia's Luciana is primed to return to the AMC series after disappearing from the apocalyptic drama early in its third season. Upon arrival at Broke Jaw Ranch, Garcia's Luciana wanted nothing to do with the racist practices on the doomsday prepped property and elected to venture off alone. Though the character returned for the Season 3 finale, the appearance was only in flashback form.

With Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 gearing up for production in Austin, Texas, the cat came out of the bag when Garcia posted a similar image to her Instagram story as her Fear the Walking Dead co-star Colman Domingo.

Check out the posts, featuring the same hot air balloon and suggestion of early morning work, in the image below.


With the image lacking any sort of geo-tag, it's possible the actors are hanging out in the same location. Considering the fate of Colam Domingo's Victor Strand is also up in the air, along with every other character following the Season 3 finale, there is no guarantee any characters besides Kim Dickens' Madison will be back.

"Everybody's gonna know at some point whether somebody survived or not because they'll have to get back work," Domingo stold ComicBook.com in the fall. "You never know, though. Even if, suddenly I say I'm gonna get back to work, you never know if we're gonna do backstory scenes or something like that. You never know because we like to mess with your head a little bit!"

Still, the two cast members in the same place just as production begins seems too big of a coincidence to rule out the returns.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fourth season in 2018. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.