FTWD: Mercedes Mason Teases Nick & Ophelia Relationship

Fear the Walking Dead hasn't seen any relationships develop in its run so far. That may soon [...]

FTWD Nick Ophelia

Fear the Walking Dead hasn't seen any relationships develop in its run so far. That may soon change.

Throughout the second season, Nick and Ophelia have shared a few small moments which have been interpreted by many as potential flirting. When ComicBook.com talked to Ophelia actress Mercedes Mason prior to the second season's debut, she was hesitant to dive too much into the possibilities.

Talking to Mason over the weekend, though, it sure does sound like a relationship may be blossoming as she tells us, "There could be something stirring up." Mason has to be pretty tight lipped about any and all upcoming plot lines on the series but she most certainly didn't rule out a Nick and Ophelia love interest.

"I think they're close in age, they're sort of of the same mind set, they have the same view of the world, and I think Nick is showing some interest by helping her out," Mason says. "She's always had her family there before so it's the first time somebody from outside world is showing her kindness, especially at a time where she really needs that. She's lost her mom, she's physically hurt because of the bullet wound, she doesn't trust her dad, and Nick is the only one who without asking has catered to her. He brought her her rosaries and got antibiotics for her when he was out on a scout and finds clothes for her. He's really gone above and beyond to show that he's potentially interested so we'll see how that progresses. Obviously, it's only been a few weeks that they've known each other so I wouldn't want them to jump into anything too soon. I think there might be something on the horizon there."

With three episodes left in the first half of Fear's second season, one has to wonder when the two will ever jump on the hints they've been dropping. After all, everyday a new threat arises and one of them may not make it to see tomorrow. With the midseason premiere being a Daniel/Ophelia-centric flashback style episode, it could start there. More on that tomorrow.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.