'Fear The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale Changes Everything

Fear the Walking Dead's upcoming Mid-Season Four finale will change the show as fans know it according to Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo.

With Episode 4x07 setting the stage for a devastating Mid-Season finale before long summer break, Domingo says Episode 4x08 will change the series in ways which can never be undone. "It's phenomenal," Domingo told EW. "It is a groundbreaking episode. A lot has been going on with all of the time jumps and now we're going to come to a culmination of all the reasons why the story had to be told in that way — why Alicia, Luciana, and I are as vicious as we are. All the reasons will come to the light."

With many expecting to see Madison's fate finally being revealed in Episode 4x08, most suspecting she will go down with the baseball stadium, Domingo's sentiment makes it seem like it won't be that simple.

"This one is really going to blow your mind," Domingo said. "I watched it yesterday in my hotel room and I had an ugly cry. There are some disastrous things that will happen and it's going to be gripping and it's going to change the course of the show forever."

Still, in an interview with ComicBook.com (seen in the video above), Domingo had an optimistic outlook for Madison. "A little hope for Madison?" Domingo said. "There's a lot of hope for Madison! Madison is such a compelling, interesting, strong, ferocious character. You never know. There's some speculation. They don't know what's going on because we haven't seen her in the new timeline. Is she kidnapped? Did she runaway? Is she holed up somewhere in a basement? You have no idea."

One of the major changes will be the storytelling manipulating a pair of timelines. After the Mid-Season Four finale, Fear the Walking Dead will tell a linear story taking place in the "NOW" and ditch the episodes being split into "BEFORE" scenarios. The split timelines have been a bit confusing for some viewers and Domingo's experience on set has been similar.

"The easiest thing for me to do is see what costume I'm wearing," Domingo said. "It reminds of where we are and what the stakes are. We're basically playing two characters the entire time because we're playing two timelines with different needs and stakes. This season has been a roller-coaster in every single way."


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