'Fear The Walking Dead': Morgan Debuts in New Teasers

A brand new teaser for the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead finally gives fans a look at a beloved character crossing over to the spinoff series.

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) will make his way from the flagship show to join the survivors on Fear the Walking Dead, though the circumstances surrounding the crossover have yet to be revealed. But his dialogue from this brand new promo tease a major death in "All Out War." Check it out in the clip above.

The video from IGN was paired with two other teasers, including one of Madison (Kim Dickens) and other new character Althea (Maggie Grace).

The one featuring Morgan is backed by an ominous voiceover in which the character says, "I lose people, and then I lose myself." It's followed by a quick shot of Morgan running down an empty street, with abandoned cars littering the side of the road. As fans of the zombie franchise know, just because we don't see any walkers doesn't mean danger doesn't lurk around every corner.

The cast and crew involved with Fear the Walking Dead have been secretive about the circumstances surrounding Morgan's arrival on the series, and where it takes place in the timeline of The Walking Dead.

Some have thought it could show Morgan's time between Season 3 and Season 5, though it seems unlikely given Fear takes place on the west coast.

The prevailing theory is that Fear the Walking Dead will have a time jump for Season 4, and Morgan's arrival will take place after Season 8 of The Walking Dead. This would guarantee Morgan's survival in the war with the Saviors, and raise a ton of new questions about the survivors of Fear the Walking Dead.

If this is the case, does Morgan's voiceover hint at another large death to come in The Walking Dead? "I lose people, then I lose myself," could indicate that someone follows suit after Carl's tragic death this season.

The war has already seen many casualties on both sides, and it seems like no one is safe after Carl's passing.

Morgan has grown close to Carol since he rejoined the survivors, and both have helped each other when one begins to lose their way. The loss of Carol would certainly have a toll on Morgan, as well as the rest of their group.


The most important takeaway from Morgan's arrival on Fear the Walking Dead? Those survivors will finally learn the proper nomenclature for the undead foes that plague the world. They're "walkers," not "infected."

Fear the Walking Dead premieres April 15th.