'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Promises Original Characters Have "Huge" Role

Despite Fear the Walking Dead's marketing and promotional materials heavily relying on Lennie James crossing over as Morgan Jones from The Walking Dead, Luciana actress Danay Garcia promises the original character will have a "huge" role in Season Four.

Fans have expressed concerns over screen time or the narrative neglecting originals on Fear the Walking Dead, like Alycia Debnam-Carey's Alicia Clark, Frank Dillane's Nick, Colman Domingo's Victor Strand, or Garcia's Luciana. However, speaking to ComicBook.com, Garcia is assuring those fans they have nothing to fear. "They're getting their characters big time," Garcia said. "They're going to be able to see them in different layers too."

"We get to play a huge part of it because Morgan can be having a crossover but we have no idea," Garcia points out. "We're just dealing with a stranger, we have no idea about where he comes from, what his past is and what he's about. In order for him to even be close to us, the family unit, he has to prove himself and we run the show. I'm sorry!"

As is familiar to fans of the Dead universe, any protagonist meeting a stranger prompts a tense situation. The Fear characters meeting Morgan will be similar, despite the audience having seen both sides of the story.

"We do because there's a lot, we've all been through a lot and no stranger just walks into your house and just decides, 'I'm part of you,'" Garcia said. "No. There's a lot of things that will have to be proved and a lot of things have to be put in place in order for the crossover to be a positive one. Otherwise it could be a disaster!"

Morgan won't be the only character meeting Luciana and her pals, either. Garret Dillahunt joins the show as John Dorie, with Maggie Grace riding along as Althea.

"These new characters, how they can mess up a good decision, turn it into a bad decision," Garcia said. "Like, 'Oh I had the chance to do the right thing, but this guy messed it up, oh my God,' and now it's a bad idea. It's going to be a lot of mystery and conversation and all we're trying to do is survive. All we try to do is the right thing, but sometimes the right thing, anything can happen. It can be the wrong thing."

Right in line with ComicBook.com's advanced review of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season, Garcia has a lot of faith in the upcoming episodes. "That's why I think it's the best season that the audience are gonna be just completely surprised and it's exciting," Garcia said.


"That journey of [Morgan] earning the right to trust him, to like him, to support him, or not," Garcia adds. "The audience already know who Morgan is, he's not a stranger, so whoever loved him before are going to keep loving him, and they also know us. The audience know who the two sides are, and they have things they love about us and they hate about us. They agree with and don't agree with. How are we going to interact with each other, these two characters, how the crossovers going to interact, it's going to be a gas, because everybody knows the psychology, how they are, these characters and also then you put on top of it people that you guys don't know at all."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead will debut its fourth season after The Walking Dead concludes its eighth, at 10 pm ET on April 15. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.