Fear The Walking Dead: Passage Part 8 Released Online

Yet another week has gone by, and another episode of the Fear The Walking Dead web series, [...]

Yet another week has gone by, and another episode of the Fear The Walking Dead web series, Passage, has released online.

The series follows Gabi and Sierra, two women who meet in the southern United States at the onset of the zombie apocalypse. After Gabi is hurt, Sierra helps her keep moving. They may be strangers, but the two women form a partnership as the series goes on.

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(Photo: AMC)

Over the last couple of episodes, Gabi and Sierra were heading to a tunnel that leads to Mexico. Gabi's boyfriend was a border patrol officer, and he was supposed to have been there.

When the women arrived, Gabi's boyfriend, Colton, was there, and he appeared from the tunnel. As they head underground, Colton is clearly not okay with Sierra coming. He doesn't trust her, and he tries to kill her after Gabi goes down the ladder. Sierra stabs Colton in the leg, and follows Gabi down.

When episode eight begins, Sierra tells Gabi they have to run. She tells her new friend that Colton tried to attack her, and they need to leave quickly. Gabie now has a choice - she can follow someone who she knows, but has let her down, or somebody new who has saved her life.

As she's deciding, Sierra runs through the tunnel. As she turns the corner, her boot is seen tripping on a wire. Then, the episode ends.

Tune in next week for another episode of Fear The Walking Dead: Passage.

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