Fear The Walking Dead Hits Another Series Low in Ratings

Fear the Walking Dead continues to lose viewers throughout its fifth season, with the latest episode setting a series low for ratings for the fourth time this season. The AMC series has seen slight drops from week to week but the drop between Episode 5x11 and Episode 5x12 was considerable.

One week prior, Fear the Walking Dead had 1.44 million viewers tuning in for Episode 5x11. Episode 5x12 brought the series down to 1.14 million viewers. Many fans are seeming to lose interest, leaving only the hardcore fans who will ride it out until the end behind. Season Five has seen complaints arise from fans as the series has seemingly lacked much direction and focus while also transforming many of the formerly interesting characters into a merry band of helpers willing to make bad decisions and risk their lives to help strangers who often don't want it.

Fear the Walking Dead hasn't been competing with much else on the Sunday night programming front. Game of Thrones and other series referred to as event-viewing shows have been off of the air and the series continues to trend in the wrong direction. Unfortunately for the series, which actually has a high-quality episode coming up on Sunday with Episode 5x13 which offers some payoff for the drawn out story of the current run, it will have to compete with Sunday Night Football for the rest of the season.

Despite the fan frustration with Fear the Walking Dead in Season Five, the quality might not be entirely to blame as noted by Forbes. The prime example comes from The Walking Dead. The show was not exactly beloved by fans throughout its seventh and eighth seasons but a critically-acclaimed Season Nine saw a continuous downward trend in live viewership. So, the question becomes: what is causing the downward trend? Are people just getting over the zombie apocalypse? Has their opinion of the shows been bent beyond repair? Is live viewing of television programs becoming a thing of the past? Combination of all of those possibilities?

Regardless of the lackluster numbers, Fear the Walking Dead has already been renewed for a sixth season. Episode 5x13 might start an upward trend in quality but Season Six will need to fire something up if the series is going to get its live audience back. If things don't turn around, Fear the Walking Dead might dip below having one million live viewers for the first time.


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.