Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Season 2 Finale

Ofelia drives down a bumpy road until her truck stalls and starts steaming. She stops and lifts the hood to check it out. The parts are too hot so she removes her shirt and wraps it around her hand to get a grip of the parts. Suddenly, a walker approaches and she slams the hood on its arm. Using a hammer, she takes down another walker and locks herself in the truck. The window on the driver's side is open though, and another walkers grabs on. She puts it down and gets out to put down a fourth.

Ofelia laughs after looking at her work. She puts down the walker pinned in the hood, gathers her belongings, and sets off on foot as a pack of walkers follow behind her. She is walking along a border wall.

Night falls and Nick lays beside Luciana in bed. He slips out of bed and out of the house to meet the man he is going on a run with. They sneak into the pharmacy to collect some drugs, loading up before sneaking out of La Colonia via the school bus in the fence.

At the hotel, Trvis wakes up to see Madison sitting in front of him. She's been there all night, thinking. Madison tries to assure Travis that he did everything he could for Chris and he kept his promise to Liza. She will continue to remind him until he believes it and when he's ready he should come downstairs to be with the rest of the group.

Nick and his partner arrive at the supermarket to see Marco.

Alicia brings Travis food at the hotel. He's surprised to see her. She opens up the curtains before revealing that she is sorry about what happened to Chris. She feels guilty but Travis tells her she was just scared and had every right to be. He says Chris was sick and even he couldn't see it. He wishes he had protected her better, as well.

At the supermarket, Nick is escorted to Marco, past a group of armed men who stare him down.

A man with a scorpion tattooed on his face questions Marco on how they will get into La Colonia and he says with a lot of firepower. He walks outside to see Nick who wants to make a deal. If they deliver every week, on time, Marco leaves them alone. Marco says he likes Nick, he's different from anyone he had ever met but they don't need him anymore. Now, Marco and the man who controls all of the drugs in Tijuana are best friends now because Marco has a fortress. He tells Nick that if he doesn't want to die, he should leave La Colonia today. Nick questions what all of his people should do but Marco doesn't care. He shows him Francisco's family, all dead, including the little girl and threatens Nick to leave now or die.

Madison and Alicia walk through the crowd of people at their hotel. Brandon makes jokes about the Mexicans smelling bad. Alicia wants to send them away. Madison approaches them after they're obnoxious. They describe the accident they were in, saying their buddy who was driving didn't make it. Brandon is mad that they let their friend drive. They joke about their friend growing up in LA without a license. She puts together that it might be Chris.

Madison rushes into Strand's room, who is looking healthy, and questions what she should do. He says the old rules of conduct no longer apply. He doesn't want to tell Travis that they're here. Strand questions what gets Madison up each day and she says it's her kids. He says that people need to keep that motivation and hope and without it, Travis will die.

Nick gets back to La Colonia and Luciana is angry with him. He tells her that they're coming to La Colonia.

Nick goes into Alejandro's pharmacy and Alejandro is angry. Luciana wants to come up with a plan. A dead man in the infirmary reanimates and tries to bite Nick but Alejandro takes the bite. Nick and the zombie fall to the first floor, where the walker bites a man's nose off and another woman's finger. Nick drives his thumbs into its eyes until he damages its brain. The room sees Alejandro's bite and he covers it with his sleeving, telling them he's good and to carry on. Nick is suspicious.

Elsewhere, Ofelia continues her journey on foot. She's in the middle of a desert.

Back at La Colonia, prayer busts out as the two bitten victims prepare to sacrifice themselves to the undead. Nick still is reluctant to accept the practice but Luciana is completely onboard.

Back at the hotel's parking garage, Andres offers to help Brandon's shoulder. They're going to escort the boys elsehwhere which causes a major stir in the parking garage.

Travis is folding clothes when he hears everyone yelling. Travis sees the boys from the window and starts banging on it yelling for Chris. Strand sees what's happening and is startled. Travis rushes down the stairs to the gates to meet the boys. He asks Brandon where Chris is.

Back at La Colonia, Nick frantically packs his things. Alejandro walks in and Nick calls him out for being afraid of the bite. Alejandro doesn't want to reveal Nick's alleged truth but Nick says the only way Luciana leaves before Marco arrives is if Alejandro admits to lying. Alejandro says, "I am not immune." She feels his forehead and feels his fever. Alejandro tells her that he was bitten by a junkie, not a zombie. He lied to help build the community and protect himself and those in it. Nick pleads with Luciana to leave with him. Alejandro tries to convince Nick to stay but she feels betrayed and will leave with Nick. Alejandro leaves, saddened by the truth coming out and loss of trust. Nick holds Luciana and tells her, "We have to go," but she doesn't want to leave. She wants to stay back and fight for La Colonia because the faith they have has protected them. She's not leaving.

Ofelia continues her walk until a bullet hits the ground by her feet and another zips by moments later. She rushes down a hill hides under a tree as a man with a rifle nears. She draws her knife and prepares to attack the man but he takes the knife and welcomes her to America.

Travis' group marches Brandon into a room for questioning. They insist they'll talk when Brandon's should is fixed. Andres pops it back into place with ease and Travis begins questioning him. Brandon wants safety and they want a car. Madison agrees. Brandon starts telling Travis what happened. He and Derek were getting tired, so they let Chris drive when he offered. They drove into a camp, as seen in a flashback, and rolled several times. Chris went through the windshield and broke his neck, by Brandon's account. Everyone leaves the room and Travis asks what they did with Chris and Derek says they pulled him out and buried him. Travis locks the door, catching the boys in a lie.

Travis starts whaling on Derek and Brandon tries to escape. The two boys start to fight him but Travis is winning, all the while asking what happened. Brandon promises to tell them where Chris is. Brandon says, "We killed him. We put him down, we had to. We had to, man."

A flashback shows Chris crawling out of the car with a bone popping out of his leg, Brandon and Derek walking behind him. Brandon raises his rifle and shoots Chris in the head.

Present time, Travis starts whaling on Brandon. He breaks his arm and puts him on the ground. Derek gets in the fight now, too. Travis starts pounding his head on a freezer. Andres tries to get in and Travis slams the door on his face. Travis continues beating a busted up Brandon on the floor. Derek hits Travis in the back with a chair. Travis turns the fight around and starts choking Derek out on the ground. The two boys crawl to one another but Travis throws Derek through some glass. Travis steps on Brandon's head, stomping it once, kicking it, and stomping again.

In the flashback, Brandon and Derek walk past Chris' lifeless body.

In the present, Travis mirrors the moment over Brandon's. He sits down in a corner, short of breathe, to conclude the first half of Fear's season 2 finale.


Fading in from darkness, Travis in the corner near a dead Brandon. Andres and Hector break through the windows to get in. Madison rushes to him after they unlock the door. Oscar is laying on the ground after having his head hit with the door. Elena's group grabs Travis and escorts him out of the hotel. Madison wants them to stop but Strand insists she calm down. Madison takes Alicia's knife and goes back inside to put stop the boys from reanimating. Just before she does, Brandon starts to become a zombie. Strand calls it to her attention and she puts him down.

Back at La Colonia, Luciana tends to Alejandro. He's burning up from the fever but she insists the others can't see him like this. He needs to gather his strength and lie one more time before he dies.

Strand and Madison argue about what's going to happen to Travis. Madison and Alicia want to find for her and Strand doesn't care. He insists Travis cannot stay. Alicia volunteers the group to leave with Travis since he cant stay. Strand questions why Madison would leave for the man who abandoned him. He already chose not to kill himself with Thomas, so he's not going to die for Travis or any of them.

Madison and Alicia talk to Hector and Elena about Travis, asking for the night and then they will all leave. Madison wants Travis to be freed from his holding in the mean time and, after a discussion, they agree.

Madison sends Alicia to check on Oscar before walking in to talk to Travis. She tells Travis that he has to leave and she's going to leave with him. He insists Madison is safe here but she won't change her mind and invites Travis to wait the night out with her.

At La Colonia, Nick hustles after Luciana who is clearly planning something. She is distant from him. He wants her to come with him. She mocks him and encourages him to run.

Alicia approaches Andres, who is tending to Oscar's head wound. Oscar hasn't woken up. Andres will have to remove part of Oscar's skull to relieve the pressure of his brain swelling. He and Hector begin a cut into his head.

Alejandro approaches La Colonia prepared to give a speech. He tells them how happy he is to see them again. He tells them the men with guns are coming. Simultaneously, Nick prepares to leave through the school bus. Alejandro encourages the group to unite in a fight against them, saying their faith will hold them. Nick looks down at the zombies flocking to him. Alejandro tells everyone they will not die. Nick, covered in blood, walks away from La Colonia and finds a helicopter and uses his binoculars to see it landing in a new community.

Andres drills into his brother's head.

Travis and Madison talk privately. He tells her that he is not sorry. Madison understands why he killed and will understands why he will in the future because they will have to in order to survive.

Andres and his family realize that Oscar is dead. Andres uses a knife to damage his brain.

The group rushes into Travis' room and starts beating him. Madison tries to stop them but Andres draws a gun and points it at Travis. Suddenly, Alicia stabs Andres. A fight ensues and Victor grabs the gun and kicks everybody out. They leave as Alicia sees Andres dying on the ground. They head out and Victor tries to keep up, holding his side. As they're getting in the truck, he hands over the gun and tells her to go. Yells get closer and Travis drives them away from the hotel and literally through the gate. In the back of the truck, Alicia struggles with what she did and Madison, proud, tells her she'll be okay.

Back in La Colonia, Alejandro struggles with his infection and prepares some medication. Nick walks in, surprising him, and starts to help him crush the drugs. Alejandro and Nick talk. Alejandro cares about his people, he insists, and Nick tells him to let his people go, let them run north. Alejandro brings up reasons not to let them leave but Nick tells him that the people will live, including Lucy, if he is brave enough to let them leave, as he injects medication into Alejandro's wrist. The drugs kick in and Alejandro fades out.

Travis and Madison arrive at a broken down building, seeking shelter. It's the supermarket. They go inside, looking for the leader, but it's empty. They find the family Madison saw talking about Nick, though, and she insists that they may have survived where they lived so she they search for wallets. Alicia questions what they're doing just as they find ID's.

Marco's army pulls up to La Colonia with several drugs and even mroe guns. One man pries open a wall and the men enter through the field of infected. Marco orders them to fire at the undead and take them down. Marco pushes forward, getting through the school bus. He sees no one and claims that Nick took his advice and got everyone to run. The Colonia is empty as the men walk around, still with guns drawn. Alejandro looks at them from a hiding place. He's weak. Marco declares that everybody left and the men fire their guns in the air. Alejandro stumbles into the school bus and starts it. Marco hears it and runs to the sound with his men. Alejandro hits the gas and starts toward La Colonia, opening the gate for all of the infected to pour in. Marco's group hurries to take them down but quickly turn to retreat.

The former residents of La Colonia walk down streets together, heading north to the community Nick had found. Lucy carries a little girl, who asks where they're going. She tells her, "North." They arrive at the United States border.

Madison, Alicia, and Travis arrive at La Colonia and see all of the dead. Madison and Travis move forward to check things out, telling Alicia to stay back. They find infected roaming the community, including Marco, but Alici finds Alejandro in the school bus. She tends to him as Alicia and Travis get back there. Madison tells Alejandro she is looking for Nick and learns that he is headed to the border.

Nick leads the Tijuana community across the border. Once across, he uses his binoculars to toward what he thinks is a camp and sees the helicopter taking off. Suddenly, men pop up from beneath cars and start shooting. Luciana calls out for Nick and gets shot. Nick helps her away from the gunfire and a man runs to her, calling for others, saying, "We've got a bleeder!"

Madison uses Alicia's knife to put down Alejandro.


Men in American army gear beat Nick and Luciana down.

Madison turns her attention back to the search for Nick.