Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: We All Fall Down

Water splashes the shores as the sun sets over a pillar of smoke at sea. Two kids walk out to [...]

FTWD 202

Water splashes the shores as the sun sets over a pillar of smoke at sea. Two kids walk out to ocean from the beach as a walker rises from the crashing waves. Moments later another rises from behind him as the kids play with rocks and buckets of sand. Just as the walkers get close to the kids, they're stopped by a fence. The kids put their little creation in front of the fence and run away, fearing getting in trouble.

Madison and Travis argue below deck about Nick's antics. Nick argues that they still need to try to help people. Travis enters with a log book from the wrecked ship they found and it says that San Diego has gone down. He brings it up to Strand, Daniel, and Ophelia. Strand is skeptical but turns his attention to what kind of ship could have sunk that ship. They conclude that it had to be a military ship and it's on its way to them. Strand suggest sailing along the coast in an effort to lose the,. Travis suggests going to the ranger station on shore. They are now heading to Katrina Island.

Travis finds Chris on the back of the yacht and tells him the new plan. Chris gives a cold response and walks away.

It's night. The yacht continues through the ocean. They're close to the shore and they see a light turn on. As most go to investigate, Strand chooses to stay back, prompting Daniel to stay behind, too, as to not get left behind.

Madison, Alicia, Nick, Chris and Travis search for the house they saw from the boat. Travis calls out for them and wants information. A young boy, Harry, emerges, and his father calls him back into the house. Travis introduces himself to George and asks to stay a little while before hitting the sea.

Later, in the house, George gives Travis a beer. They discuss the beginning of the apocalypse. George tells him that the government has been using napalm to take cities out. Half of the country has been taken out.

Madison gets to know George's wife. They discuss problems from before the apocalypse and taking care of their kids. Her son, Seth, walks into the kitchen with a rifle on his back, questioning the situation before heading out on his own.

Back at the boat, Ophelia and Daniel discuss what's next. She passive aggressively insults him with her opinion of how cruel he is.

Nick plays with George's daughter as Alicia looks on, looking quite bothered, and eventually explaining the plague. Nick invites Chris to check out Harry's but Chris shuts it down. Harry shows Nick dolls, which represent his family, each with a red dot on their because that's how Harry thinks the world has to be now.

Strand and Daniel sit on the yacht. Strand is getting anxious. Daniel questions Strand, asking if this is really his boat and who he was planning on leaving behind.

Travis and George continue their discussion. George says that what's going on is nature course correcting how it was being destroyed. He's okay with having Travis stay the night.

Walking back to the boat, Travis explains everything George told him to Madison. Madison rules that George's wife turned the light on on purpose, hoping to leave the island.

Nick and Alicia discuss the apocalypse and Nick is trying to be positive. Alicia says she is awake because she has so much on her mind. Nick says he can't sleep because of the kids are being forced to grow up in this world. He doesn't think this is the end of the world like she does.

Chris snearks around by himself and see Seth walking. He follows him to the fence where he's putting down walkers which wash up on shore. Seth takes the axe.

Travis is looking for Chris and Nick doesn't know where he went but points Travis in the right direction.

Travis puts a walker down and Seth gives him tips. Travis sees him from above. As they're walking back, Chris spots one more walker and takes the axe to go kill it. He bangs on the fence to get its attention and puts it down as Travis calls him back to the boat. After killing the walker, he storms back up to the house.

Travis talks to George about the zombie situation and George explains what they do there. Once a week, they go clean out the bodies. Travis is struggling to accept having seen his son killing them, reflecting on the fact that his son's chores used to be mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage.

Elsewhere on the island, Travis and George construct a fence to keep the zombified tourists out.

Alicia walks around the neighborhood listening to music. She finds a bulletin board and draws the design her boyfriend used to.

Nick looks around the house and finds some drugs in the medicine cabinet and others hidden in a globe. The little girl comes in and asks him to come draw with her.

Daniel and Strand continue their wait on the yacht. The radar indicates that whoever is following them is gone and Strand rules that they'll sail with the tide.

Madison and the native woman do some planting. Madison tells her they're leaving soon. She asks if Melissa turned on the light by accident or if she was signaling them. Melissa opens up and admits that she saw hope when she saw the Abigail, hoping to find something for her kids other than this island. She reveals that she has MS and going with her would only be a burden.

Madison tries to convince Travis to take Melissa's two youngest kids but he doesn't want to. She says they can't keep leaving people behind. Travis offers to talk to George.

Daniel searches the ship and finds a map of Mexico.

Strand calls someone and asks someone, "What's the latest you can push it?" later responding, "Sundown... I'll be there."

Nick gets on the boat and reveals that he think George is going to kill poison his whole family.

Travis and Madison take the kids' bags. Melissa describes the kids and their habits. George walks up the stairs and asks what's going on. Melissa explains herself as Harry walks down the stairs. He tells her that something is wrong with Willa. Melissa runs upstairs and finds Willa on the ground. Willa is now zombie and she starts eating Melissa. George rushes everyone out and stays behind. The group runs back to the boat with Harry. Strand tries to shut down bringing Harry. A gunshot rings out and Seth boards the ship. He wants to take Harry home. Daniel draws his gun as Seth argues with them but ultimately Seth takes Harry and stays behind. A zombified Melissa approaches them on the dock. Ophelia asks Daniel if he can do something but he responds, "Kid has a rifle." Seth takes aim with his rifle and guns his mother down as the Abigail sails off.