Fear the Walking Dead Star Reveals If She’ll Appear in Rick Grimes Movies

The latest Fear the Walking Dead revealed more ties to the wider Walking Dead Universe when journalist Althea (Maggie Grace) began to unravel a far-reaching conspiracy that led her to Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon), a soldier working for the organization that will abduct Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) roughly seven months in the future.

Because Al is always determined to dig deep to the heart of a story — one she now has a personal connection to after her encounter with Isabelle turned romantic — could we see Al cross over into the Walking Dead spinoff movies?

“That’s all I can really tell you, is that I hope Al and Isabelle’s paths cross again,” Grace told TV Insider.

“I personally struggle with how to have this character, who is built on asking these questions and a true quest for the truth — this is certainly the greatest story she’s ever uncovered. So even though it all made a lot of sense and preserved the most lives for her to walk away, in that moment, I think it’s going to be really hard for her to shrink the horizons of her world.”

Isabelle attempted to quench Al’s thirst for answers behind the expansive CRM organization by sharing with her top-secret intel that raised even more questions, but Al has since been sworn to secrecy.

Because this story has been unfolding for years since it was first put into motion on The Walking Dead, “it’s fun that they’re building in easter eggs for the ride-or-die fans,” Grace said.

“And I have always known that there would be some way Al would connect to this wider world. It’s been exciting. I don’t know any more than the fans do, really.”

“Al has to, moment by moment, gauge the nature of this organization, which certainly doesn’t seem to be one of benevolence — perhaps ‘brutality’ would be more accurate — but also represents great hope,” she continued. “I think Al’s thinking they perhaps have the greater answer, in terms of how the species survives and continues.”

Beyond that, “these are Scott Gimple questions, not for little ol’ me,” Grace said of the chief content officer and executive producer, who masterminded the mystery behind Rick’s disappearance.

Gimple teams with TWD creator Robert Kirkman on the movie trilogy that will reveal where Rick has been in his six-year disappearance from Virginia as well as bring answers behind the CRM community and their “A” and “B” classification system used on Rick, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).


Should Al follow Isabelle to the movie side of the franchise — if Isabelle resurfaces at all — Grace’s co-stars might not be be far behind: multiple Fear stars have expressed an interest in crossing over to the movies, where audiences could see a reunion between Rick and Morgan (Lennie James).

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 premiere Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.