Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9: Los Muertos

Apocalyptic Sundays press on this weekend as Fear the Walking Dead premieres the ninth episode of [...]

Apocalyptic Sundays press on this weekend as Fear the Walking Dead premieres the ninth episode of its second season, titled, "Los Muertos."

On the heels of an episode which followed only Nick Clark, following his on-foot journey to Tijuana and building his character through a series of flashbacks, Los Muertos will see the return of another faction of Fear's core group: Ofelia, Madison, Alicia and Strand. The foursome's trek back to Abigail doesn't go as they desired, so they will find themselves seeking sanctuary at another location nearby.

As the group progresses through their evolution as survivors, one member will find herself at a crossroads. It's time for Mercedes Mason's Ofelia to either level up or level out, according to the actress.

"She is at a point where either she is gonna be broke or she's gonna pull a Carol from The Walking Dead," Mason says of Ofelia. "That's what we're gonna discover about her in the back half of the season, but she's lost everything."

Of course, the episode will also build on Nick's adventure through the thriving Tijuana community as he continues exploration with newcomer to the series Danay Garcia's Luciana character.

The biggest question heading into the next few episodes is whether or not Fear will kill off any of its main characters in the coming episodes. For the most part, its core characters have never felt to be truly endangered. Liza, Daniel, and Griselda have all said goodbye (though Daniel's death by fire may have the same outcome as Glenn's dumpster dive on The Walking Dead) but for the most part, none of those three deaths felt as impactful as Shane, Sophia, Dale or even Otis' deaths did through the first two seasons of the older sibling The Walking Dead's series.

Following Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Garcia will join ComicBook.com for a live recap and Q&A with fans on The Walking Dead on ComicBook.com's FaceBook page at 10 PM ET.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.