FTWD: Mercedes Mason Addresses Ophelia And Alicia Relationship Potential

Fear the Walking Dead has been quite light on the relationship side of things so far. That hasn't [...]

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Fear the Walking Dead has been quite light on the relationship side of things so far. That hasn't stopped little hints from dropping about potential characters falling in like.

To date, it seems like the most prominent hints have been between Ophelia and Nick possibly getting together. However, that's based on the moments we've seen on television. Apparently, several scenes were shot which would allude to an Ophelia-Alicia relationship but haven't made the final cuts of the episodes.

"They're dividing me with the Clarks," Mercedes Mason tells EW. "Either with Alicia or with Nick. And I think because there have been some scenes cut with Alicia and Ofelia — which, I don't know if it wise time-wise or they changed the idea of where the story was going, but some of those scenes were released — so I think the fans were like, 'Oh my God, look at the chemistry between the two.' And now with Nick as well."

If Alicia were into women, that would put an interesting spin on her short-lived interactions with the soldier back in the first season.

"If Ofelia were to hook up with a woman — you know, Alicia might be a little young, and there is sort of more of a sister relationship at this point — but if she were to hook up with a woman, it would really sort of color season 1," Mason says. "One, for me as an actress, that would be amazing. But two, it would really color how she dealt with the commander guy who she was luring in. It would really color what she was doing there and what that says about her character. Because then that's not a crush anymore — it's a very manipulative concept, which I think is super cool."

Walking Dead shows have no fears when it comes to showcasing diversity. The much developed older brother to Fear has shown off dealt with, homosexual and interracial relationships, as well as homophobia and racism. A relationship over the age gap of Ophelia and Alicia's is probably nothing the writers would be afraid of.

Are there any relationships you want to see develop on Fear the Walking Dead?

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