Greg Nicotero Is Bringing Zombies To Chris Hardwick's Wedding

Zombie Wedding

Later this year, Talking Dead host, comedian, and lover of all things nerd Chris Hardwick will tie the knot with his fiance Lydia Hearst. Luckily for Hardwick, his wife-to-be shares a similar passion for geek culture and this week he told Jimmy Kimmel all about while promoting his Funcomfortable tour.

"First of all, she was like, 'Listen, I don't want you to have to worry about the planning. I want you to just show up at the wedding,' and I'm like, 'I'm way on board with that,'" Hardwick started telling Kimmel. "And then she said, 'But I want to do a lot of weird fun stuff,' and I said, 'On board with that, too!'"

The first thing the nerdy couple spawned was a Walking Dead wedding invitation, which featured the couple photographed in a the same pose as Daryl carrying Beth from the hospital back in the show's fifth season.

From there, Hardwick's fiance found a cake which is one half cake and one half Doctor Who Tardis, depending which side you're looking it. But, no, it doesn't stop there. Hardwick's awesome better half also wanted some zombies involved, which is where The Walking Dead comes into play.

"Greg Nicotero, who does the effects for The Walking Dead, goes, 'I'll do that for ya as a wedding present!'" Hardwick explains. "So, we're gonna have Greg Nicotero zombies serving drinks."

Best wedding ever?